It is mandatory to provide a conducive environment for women to work and learn in any institution. Christ College, Mysuru as per the right to freedom of expression and life with dignity as establised by the Constitution of India commits itself to establish a congenial atmosphere where women are totally free of harrassment, coercion and exploitation. The institution takes measures to spread gender equality and also ensures to avoid any form of discrimination based on gender. 
      The college ensures equal facilities for all women and also provides the right to participate in all activities of Christ College irrespective of gender. Any one who harasses is accountable for their actions. 

The college also takes strict measures to safeguard the rights of its female employees as per the fundamental rights of the institution. The college also complies to all acts and laws of Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace(prevention, prohibition and Redressel) Act 2013. A seperate cell named as the Anti Woman Harassment cell has been established with Senior female faculty as the members. This cell facilitates to both female students as well as female working staff of the college. The cell conducts awareness programs, established complaint boxes to report any events, emergency contact numbers etc.

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