Special Lecture

Web Application , IOT and the Cloud

The Department of Computer Science organized a special lecture on 24/08/2019 at 11.30a.m in the conference hall(RN 207) for the students of BCA and BSc(CS). The lecture was presented by the resource person Dr.Chandrajit.M, Vice Principal & Associate Professor, MIT, Mysuru, on the topic “Web Application , IOT and the Cloud”. Sir, started his speech by delivering three moral stories about “Not to Give Up”, “Not to be Overconfident”, and “Find the supreme to beat, to be the best”. Then he gave introduction to IOT, the person who named it as IOT, what it is really meant for in early days and how it is used in now adays, and its application in hospitals to treat patients timely. He presented few IOT Boards for building prototype projects. Next, he discussed on Internet and WWW, its difference, purpose of developing and later how these two were used in current trends. He also mentioned about protocols, servers, DNS, URL, Mashups and Blogs. He insisted that every student should have a blog. Then he gave introduction to cloud computing, its types, how actually it works. And finally he suggested few websites where they can enrol online and learn any topic of their interest.

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