IQAC ( Internal Quality Assurance Cell)

Christ college mysuru concentrates more on quality rather than quantity. The Internal Quality Assurance Cell plays a pivotal role in enhancing quality in each and every aspect of the growth of the college. IQAC is the major committee which establishes the short and long term goal of our institue regarding teaching, learning and acquiring. IQAC meets at regular intervals to ensure the quality of education as well as regarding the policies of the entire process which are upgraded at a day today basis.

         A benchmark for attaining quality and sustaining the quality is being done by the Internal Quality Assessment cell. Furthermore it creates the work plan for achieving the quality standards and contributes in monitoring the execution of the job done with the experienced and spectacularly efficient staffs.

           The Academic Committee on the other hand delivers and executes the suggestions regarding the curriculum of the Institution. The committee contributes in curriculum development, motivates students in learning, demonstrates various teaching techniques, provides orientation for students as well as faculty to achieve the academic vision of the college. Most evidently the academic committee immensely dedicates itself in ensuring a holistic learning atmosphere for students.

Committee Members