Department of Science

Shape your aptitude into expertise, learning to analyze and solve problems using numbers and data. It’s a skillset increasingly valued in a high-tech world. We offer specializations across the mathematical sciences, mathematics and statistics education, allowing you to tailor your studies to your goals. Ours is a community of close camaraderie and intellectual inquiry, nurtured by students and faculty alike.
Computer science at Christ College Mysuru is hands on, team based, and project centered just like the real world. Take courses in exciting fields like artificial intelligence, computational skills, cloud computing, block chain technology, ethical hacking while collaborating across disciplines to solve real problems through computing. Our curriculum is continually revised to incorporate the latest advances and technologies, ensuring graduates are well prepared for today’s challenges.
Unravel the laws and forces that govern the entire universe. We endeavor to start with physics fundamentals from the academic year 2020-21, before focusing on the area that most fascinates you: astrophysics, geophysics, biomedical physics, physics education, materials science, and more. Working closely with faculty mentors; students develop the kind of competencies of analytical and mathematical skills as well as problem solving, conceptual thinking, and teamwork, necessary for success in many careers.


Grapple with the big problems and bold possibilities of science. We challenge our students to become intentional learners and integrative thinkers—in a word, scientists.


Our mission at Christ College is to develop young professionals with active and creative minds, a sense of understanding and compassion for others, and the courage to act on their beliefs.

  • To equip students with theoretical and practical knowledge in computing, mathematics, statistics and physics.

  • To combine the study of computing and computers at an academic level.

  • To help graduates become leaders in computing technology across various fields.

  • To have singular focus on mentoring students with our wonderful mix of teacher-scholars expertise.

  • To chase the big-data world that fuels demand for math and statistics skills in many fields, from markets to medicine.

  • Unravel the laws and forces that govern the entire universe with physics education.


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