Department of Humanities & Social Science

The department of humanities was established in the year 2016. It has diverse subjects such as Journalism, English Literature, Psychology, Economics, Sociology apart from languages like Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, and Malayalam. The objective of the discipline is to ensure holistic development of every student towards academic and co-curricular excellence. This is made possible by providing a value enabled professional teaching system for an overall development. Moreover, the Department has a history of producing outstanding results since its inception.
The department offers triple major courses in varied combinations of JPEng, EPS, PSEco, PSEng specializing in subjects like English, Journalism, Psychology, Sociology and Economics. To equip students with additional inputs with regard to their subjects, the department has initiated various practical skills like counseling, soft skills and remedial grammar classes. Apart from the academics, the department has nurtured and motivated the students to take part in various other sports and co-curricular activities. 


To offer outstanding quality graduate degree programs, and courses in Arts through innovative learning experiences that will enable our students/graduates to develop broad, tolerant, and cosmopolitan perspectives so that they will be better prepared to function in a diverse, demanding, and global society as responsible citizens.


Department of Humanities and Social Sciences’ mission is to instill students with values of critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, and collaboration skills within the context of our faculty and make a significant contribution to the larger institutional mission to provide students with an excellent graduate liberal arts education because being broadly educated is a primary attribute of leading a successful life.

  • Appreciate, understand and celebrate diversity, while knowing how to identify and bracket one’s own cultural bias;

  • Investigate topics using interdisciplinary approaches;

  • Think critically and creatively to express rational skepticism;

  • Become concerned and involved citizens, addressing controversial issues and become proactive to influence the society for its wellbeing.


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