Christ College Mysuru is committed and determined to impart holistic education and nurture the knowledge, skills, values and positive outlook among Christites. We encourage and uphold righteousness and accountability in the conduct of academic and non-academic endeavors and are keen to embed and promote the culture of honesty, integrity and transparency in all our institutional activities. We nurture a culture of respect for every individual and assure the safety of each other. We look forward to achieve our vision ‘Wisdom for Wholeness’, through the perfect blend of body, mind and spirit. 

Monday - Friday 

9 AM TO 4 PM


9 AM TO 1 PM

Lunch Break

1 PM TO 2 PM

Six Sessions with 05 minutes break after each session


Students can access information regarding their academics and examination from multiple sources like college office, department, examination office, college hand book, college website (, college email and notice boards.


College Uniform: On special occasions – [Conference, Seminar, Dept. Fests, Industrial Visits] & Monday and Friday.
Formal Wear: On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays.

Non-Formals or Smart Casuals: on Saturdays.

[Avoid wearing: transparent dress, torn jeans and fabrics, three fourth, sleeveless, shorts, fabrics printed with vulgar and contradictory writings and paintings]


  • Students and staff must wear College Identity card without exception, whenever they are inside the campus and whenever they represent the college outside. ID cards will be seized at any instance of misconduct or indiscipline. At an instance where the id card is seized, student can appeal to the college office.

  • English language is the official Medium of communication in the campus.

  • Christites have to promote cordial Student-Student relationship and Student-teacher relationship and shall respect every staff in the campus.

  • We encourage the Students to express their grievances / problems freely and frankly, without any fear of being victimized.

  • College avails an online feedback mechanism maintaining the anonymity of the lodger.

  • Respect the right and dignity of one another irrespective of caste, creed, and culture.

  • Staff shall not behave in a vindictive manner towards any of the students for any reason.

  • Christ College campus is a ragging free campus. Ragging is banned not just in college but also in hostels. During the induction for the freshers proper guidelines regarding the student safety measures will be imparted to prevent ragging.  The Anti-Ragging Committee monitors the discipline. The details of the Committee members are displayed in the college website and in the Notice Board for the access of students.

  • Smoking / chewing or using tobacco products/ using intoxicating substance are banned in and around the college. Such act/behavior is punishable.

  • Usage of cell phones within the college building is prohibited.

  • Students should possess all necessary documents pertaining to their vehicle. Riders can park their vehicle inside the campus only when they wear helmets. Riding in triples, over speeding, etc., is a punishable offence. Four wheeler parking is chargeable.

  • Any notice to be displayed in the campus, should carry the signature of the authorities of the college

  • 75% attendance in every subject is mandatory at the end of each semester.  Attendance will be marked separately for each period. Co-curricular and extra-curricular activity attendance shall be claimed through the submission of prescribed forms with the signature of concerned faculty. Submission of leave form is compulsory and it must be signed by Parent / Guardian & it is verified by the class animator and recommended by Head of the Departments before being considered as bonafide.

  • Students must have a minimum of 75% attendance to be permitted to write the examinations. Leave application will be accepted only if the actual attendance is above 75% and application for leave of absence may be rejected by the Principal based on the genuineness.

  • The attendance and progress report of each student is available at the student’s portal available in the students’ login page of college website. Students and parents can access it and monitor the progress by using the password given; parents can get their user name and password, from college office during the time of admissions.