Photography &

Print Media

What makes Photography & Print Media at Christ unique?

  • Classes take place in the department's brand-new art building equipped with a state-of-the-art computer lab dedicated to photo students and supplied with the latest software. 

  • The faculty consists of two full time and a team of dedicated part-time instructors. The faculty bring a range of experience as gallery artists, freelance professionals, and educators.

The Photography and Print Media major is a unique combination of reproducible media and concept-driven art practice. This pairing provides students with the ability to experiment across disciplines or to concentrate mainly in photography or print media. Each student will develop an individual program of courses that meets their interests. In photography, students will gain a broad understanding of contemporary photography and its applications in today's world. From digital to analog, students will become well versed in technique as well as contemporary theory. Classes focus on darkroom, digital editing and studio lighting along with learning how to develop their own unique voice as a photographer and artist. In print media, students have the opportunity to learn a wide range of print techniques and strategies. Every major image reproduction technology, from woodblock printing to large-format inkjet prints, is available to students. Print technique, history, and theory are brought together in guiding students' creative work and artistic development.