Academic / Co-curricular 

College hosts a number of seminars, conferences and fests at departmental levels. All the departments of the college hold both inter and intra collegiate evets. While the intra collegiate fests intend to explore the talents within the department, the-inter collegiate fests and conferences are conducted by a department inviting participation from various colleges far and wide. These events are hosted at the under graduate level.

Along with discovering and boosting various talents, these fests also implant in the students the skills of event organisation and management and build among them qualities of effective leadership, team spirit and sportsmanship. Thus the experience at Christ College truly enhances life and can be rightly termed as a multi- advantageous package, endorsing both curricular and extra- curricular activities.


The college celebrates intra & inter collegiate fests, offering a spectrum of excitement and an opportunity to bring out the best talent in various domains. This is to keep with the tradition of nurturing young talents into an all-round personality and enriching their potentials for the finer things in life. The fests encompass myriad domain related events, and are skillfully customized by the faculty and student coordinators to challenge the 'intellect' and "aesthetics" of the participants.